AI Fitness, Nutrition, and Goal Management App

A Toronto, ON-based startup trying to disrupt the world of fitness management software and personal training by implementing machine learning and biologically-modeled algorithms to customize the perfect workout & diet plan for you.

Tools: Adobe XD, Adobe Illustrator, Zeplin, React, Adobe After Effects

Role: Front-End Developer & UX Designer

Apr. 2019 – Present

5 min read

I want to get fit, but I don’t know where to start and what to trust.

In 2018 it was estimated that over 60% of Canadians are overweight, with over 25% classified as obese. A majority of people who want a healthier lifestyle abandon their goals because they don’t know how to reach them.

People feel overwhelmed by the dozens of different machines, workouts, and diets out there. The fitness information online is littered with fads that are not backed by science. Personal trainers are way too expensive for the average consumer, and they are legally not allowed to offer nutritional insights.

Personalization through machine learning and scientific formulas

Users no longer have to spend countless hours researching the best workout plans or diets to reach their goals. Our app hopes to remove that stress from the user by conducting a fitness and goal evaluation.

Our AI will generate a personalized workout program, model body energy dynamics to predict the ideal nutrition intake, and have effortless meal, workout, and health tracking.

Not your average fitness app

  • Moredovate offers both nutrition and workout management in one app
  • Integration with 3rd party fitness trackers
  • Machine learning on a massive dataset of different workouts to determine the best one for you.
  • Manages diet and nutrition through calorie counting, food recommendations, metabolism estimations, and macro- & micro-nutrient tracking
  • More economical than hiring a personal trainer.


From the competitor research, I noticed that a majority of fitness apps had complicated UI designs due to the excessive amount of features they offer. Learning from this, we wanted to design an app that was simple to use and easy to navigate.

To accomplish this, I limited the number of features and inputs so that the user does not feel overwhelmed. I also reused the same buttons and styles for different pages to convey familiarity and consistency.

The Moredovate dashboard Is the homepage for the user to view summaries and trends of workout statistics, nutritional data, sleep schedule, and other data. Users can customize the statistics they would like to be displayed.

The goals page is where users can view their progress. A coherent progress bar is intended to give users a boost of motivation to keep up with their weekly workout. Users can also add new goals and edit existing goals.

Dark Mode

We decided to design a dark mode for the UI. The dark background contrasted with neon blue highlights and made the app feel more intelligent and sleek.

The dark background also emits less light, which allows the user to focus more on the neon blue elements. There are only a few dark mode fitness apps in the market which could make our app stand out.

Designed Moredovate business cards on the side.