Nostalgic Lofi Indie Pop and Rock Playlist

Sunset VHS a Nostalgic Lofi Indie Playlist

Relaxing, Nostalgic, Lofi, Indie, Dreamy music that reminds you of a gentle pomegranate sunset.


Then imagine yourself seeing that scene on through a VHS player on a Sony KV-20M20 20″ CRT TV . ??❤️?

A multi-genre nostalgic lofi indie playlist I created on Spotify called Sunset VHS and also my favorite playlist to chill and study to.

The playlist contains of a few addictive songs I discovered from the past few years.


Nostalgic Lofi Indie playlist

Many of these artists in this playlist are extremely underrated!!

So, here is my way of showing them off to you 🙂


Sunset VHS Highlights:


Orion Sun – Journal Entry


This song inspired me to make this playlist. It’s an absolute masterpiece by Orion Sun, singer/producer from Philadelphia. Finding this song was like finding gold. Can’t get enough of the soft vinyl crackling in the background accompanied by gentle acoustic guitar strums and a moving drumbeat.


Blood Cultures – The Way It Was Meant To Be


A nostalgic sounding synth pop ballad. This one makes me miss someone I haven’t met yet. I suggest everyone to check out Blood Cultures, an extremely underrated band that combines beautiful vocals and melodies with soft spoken synths. I can not believe this song only has 2800 views on Youtube. This is truly a hidden gem.


Jadu Heart – Diamond Day


Diamond Day by Jadu Heart is a heart melting – goosebump evoking folk song from the future sung by the UK duo, Alex and Diva. If I were to bring only 1 thing with me on a deserted island, it would be an mp3 player, my portable speaker, and a copy of Jadu Heart’s Melt Away album. I would jam to that until my mp3 player’s batteries go dead <3 Please give this duo a listen!!!! You are missing out!!!!


Honorable Mentions:


(honestly every song is good in this album -> I’m very selective in what goes inside)


  • Goth Babe – Topanga
  • The xx – VCR
  • slenderbodies – anemone
  • SALES – Renee
  • Paulie Leparik – Baby Boo
  • Dirty Art Club – Daysleeper



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Genres in this playlist: Lofi Beats, Electronica, Indie pop, Indie Rock, Acoustic, Shoeglaze, Alternative Rock, Alternative Pop, Folk, RnB, Soul, Synth Pop, and many many subgenres. – Nostalgic Lofi Indie playlist


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